What is the Peshtemal?

Blue Lily Cotton got its inspiration from our passion for Turkish peshtemals.

Traditionally peshtemals have been part of Hammam culture and were mainly used within this context. In the recent years peshtemal use became more a part of daily lives not only on the beach but in the bathroom, while doing yoga, on the boat...


Compared to traditional towels, peshtemals are very light yet even more so absorbent. They also dry very fast. They may also be elegantly used as cover-up.

Blue Lily Cotton peshtemals are naturally soft as they are 100% Turkish cotton - with the exception of a few that are Cotton/Bamboo mixed. Most of our products are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.                                          

When you are using peshtemals or peshtemal towels versus classic terry towels, you will pack smaller and lighter.                                                                                                    

We hope that you will also enjoy these luxury peshtemals as much as we do, and you will let yourself be
Wrapped in Love...